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Imagescape Design Studios provides an integrated design process with master planning, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design carried out in-house. This integration ensures each facet of the design is coordinated, complementary and provides the client with a single point of contact.


Imagescape Design Studios has been fortunate to attract a talented team of professionals skilled in their fields.
Stephen Phillips
Christine Kelly
Architect and Urban & Regional Planner
John Cecilio Cadornigara
Senior Health Care Architect
Vanessa Phillips
Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
Federica Stano
Hector Montero
Madeleine Wallace
Student of Interior Architecture
  • "Imagescape has provided design and concept services for The Wollongong Uni Centre. What was great about their involvement was that they were able to provide a starting point for the project and an overall picture. If the project could not be carried out all at once, their concept could still be applied as the job progressed. What helped me greatly in obtaining the various approvals needed was the simple scheduling of colours, materials and finishes." Mr. Doug Heaton, Facilities Manager, Wollongong Uni Centre Ltd
  • "It was good to be able to come up with ideas with staff and then get a drawing back really quickly to show us how that idea worked - its was a lot cheaper this way than actually getting walls built and then knocking them down if they proved to be in the wrong place." Albright and Wilson Project Team
  • "We often find that clients like to see alternate options for for their layout before they make their decision. With imagescape being able to provide graphic and quick illustrations of how these options would look, our client was able to make a prompt and informed decision. imagescape also carried forward to selection of materials, fabrics and finishes. Very often these items have a huge impact on the end pricing and being able to make these selections early while completing the pricing assisted greatly in keeping the budget on track." Janet Wilson, Business Development Manager, Altys Multi-Services