7 July 2011 Newsletter

Michigan Theatre

The Michigan Theatre was built upon the birthplace of the Ford automobile in 1926 alongside the connected 13-story Michigan Building office tower. The 4,000 seat Michigan Theatre has been left to decay, another casualty in Detroit’s long decline since its heyday as the car-manufacturing Mecca. Ironically, one of the factors that forced the closure of the opulent theatre was a lack of parking. The theatre faced stiff competition from modern nearby theatres that offered plenty of parking space. After a brief interlude as a music venue, during which it drew some of the industry’s biggest names, the Michigan Theatre was gutted. While the shell of the building remained intact, it was filled with a three level 160 space parking deck. This is unfortunately a missed opportunity to maximise the potential of a grand old building. With imagination a far better solution could be found through recycling and creative thinking. Imagescape Design Studios understands the enormous importance of reusing and recycling buildings. Our professional team combine their skills with the most sophisticated technology to develop the cost efficient opportunities. You and your needs are always the most important for us. We can advise you in all areas of your project and help you to choose the best option. Please contact us for a professional consultation.