March 2011 Newsletter

Knowledge,Experience & Expertise

Christine Kelly — Creative Director Faced with the challenges of current and upcoming planning regulations Christine has been brave enough to return to her old alma mater (Sydney University) to commence a Master of Urban and Regional Planning. The challenges facing clients are the ever changing requirements and enforcements of local and state government planning regulations. What better way to get a sound understanding of these challenges but to delve right and learn about them from the basics. While much of the course will include copious readings of planning regulations and policy law the content and the study time are proving to be educational and dare we say enjoyable! Vanessa Phillips—Landscape Arch. Vanessa is currently completing her final year of her Masters of Urban Design degree at the University of Sydney. This will be a great asset to the firm with larger projects having more emphasis of connection with the existing communities and the creation of new ones. Her knowledge is invaluable on current issues regarding housing, sustainability, transport, retail, and public green space. This Urban Design program at this Universitry is one of the best in all Australasia and also this has built an excellent reputation, producing informed and skilled graduates in all continents.